Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Kehinde Wiley

One of life's most deplorable things is monotony.
Art + monotony = Glorified monotony
and I possess incontestable hatred for it. To contextualise, celebrated artist Kehinde Wiley has laced many an editorial spread lately (artworld, african artist review etc) and all props to him... as he's a seriously skilled painter, but I've begun to resent his conceptual approach.
He famously mixes dated convention with the contemporary archetype, an attempt to alter common perception (successfully it seems), but after viewing canvas upon canvas, his approach, seems a little repetitive, safe and simplistic. Once a fan, i feel disillusioned
how much is too much?however... Wiley's work, ticks a number 'aesthetically appealing' boxes and i certainly admire his ethic. The sculpture below is truly breathtaking.

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