Thursday, 30 October 2008

we reminisce

The essence of life is more than just mic's and puffin reefa
This universe of Black Thought that I can teach ya
When he began to break it down my mind start to wander
Response beyond sombre incredibly crushed
Kinda feelin on my shoulder - that of a boulder
To find out that her life was over - it made the room feel colder

my boy Bryan and i often reflect on the regrettably one dimensional exploits of our former friend hip hop... as the genre goes, there was nothing quite like the early to mid 90's for sheer lyrical velvet.
we miss the art form.
we miss tribe, black moon, jedi mind tricks, digable planets... dammit! Bryan misses mobb deep!
anyway, good hip hop is a
commodity akin to that of caviar and the tracks below justify our post 96' disillusion.

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